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This blog details the restoration of my 1982 BMW/Alpina C1 2.3.

I found the car on Bring-a-Trailer in late 2016 and contacted the owner during the auction. The auction did not meet reserve and I was the second highest bidder. After the auction ended I did some more due diligence, including contacting Alpina who verified it was built by them in Buchloe. With this information and a PPI, the owner and I came to a deal a few weeks later.


When I finally saw the car it was rougher than I expected, needing paint and a mechanical rebuild. But it's worth the effort: it's a very rare car, one of 462 C1 2.3s made worldwide and one of only a fraction of those built in Buchloe by the Alpina factory. So a refresh began. And here is the story. To read the about the triumphs and travails, click on "blog" above.


Enjoy! And feel free to email me at with you comments and suggestions.

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