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Two lanes, both slow….

November 12, 2017

Around a month ago the engine-less shell was loaded on a trailer and taken to the body shop. About the same time I started delivering parts to the machine shop after deciding what to do with the engine (conclusion: squirrel away the genuine Alpina engine and build a bigger displacement, higher horsepower mill that retained the stock-looking K-Jet injection). The project was running on dual tracks, and neither has been rocketing along.

The post about loading up the engine-less shell on Stu’s trailer ended with some immediate progress: the front windshield was removed; because I couldn’t find a good used dash, the cracked one was sent off to be repaired; and a little rust was found under the rubber windshield gasket. Since the, Stu has been tearing the car apart and repairing it.

First, Stu had a bunch of holes to plug. The body had been drilled for USA sidemarker lights which had then been removed by a previous owner.