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The current stable

September 23, 2017

The Alpina has a good friend in the garage with it, a Fjord 1974 2002tii.

It's my third tii, and my 8th '02 (Agave 68 1600, badly repainted silver 69 2002, Amazon 74 2002, Pastel 76 2002, Malaga 72 tii, Sahara 73 tii, Inka 73 touring, and the Fjord 74 tii).

The daily driver is -- sacrilege! -- a Porsche Cayman S. My first new car, ever (my wife bought a new 2008 328it six-speed, our first new car, and I drove that daily when she got a 318ti). It's the perfect sports car in my mind and since I no longer drive the kids to school (one in college, one taking the bus to high school), I don't need a back seat. My son hates to be in the car with me because, as he says, "it's not an old man's car. It should be driven by someone young, like me."

He's probably right, but I don't care.

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