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Decisions, decisions

October 18, 2017

So, I have an authentic Alpina engine, complete with the stamped-in numbers on both head and block. That engine probably has a blown head gasket and maybe a cracked head or some cylinder and piston damage. Of course, I won’t know for sure the extent of any damage until I open it up, but all signs point to the head gasket, as the car was running decently, didn’t smoke, and from what I’ve been told didn’t have oil consumption issues. I could have left the motor in situ and fixed the head gasket, if that turned out to be the problem. But there was a slippery slope to go down and you know I couldn’t resist it: I had to pull the engine; after all the engine compartment was a mess, I wanted to bring the battery back into the engine compartment (it had been moved to the trunk somewhere between Germany and my tutelage). True, it’s not necessary to pull the engine to do those things, but having it out of there made it easier. Plus, the motor needed work and that’s easier out of the body. And the shell can be repainted while the engine compartment is being cleaned-up. Oh, that slippery slope.

Then there’s the biggest reason I couldn’t just leave well-enough alone: Me being me, I want to rebuilt the engine even if it’s just the head gasket – but the real question was to what spec?